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After World War I, U.S. air races reached their zenith, drawing huge crowds. General aviation profited as much as the promoters from this high-risk game. Manufacturers showcased aircraft, hoping a win would spawn huge military contracts. Air racing became a proving ground for new ideas.

Among the better-known pilots was Oshkosh native S. J. "Steve" Wittman. During a remarkable racing career which included a start in every Cleveland National from 1928 to 1949, he brought home hundreds of trophies. Noted for achieving performance through aerodynamics instead of brute horsepower, Wittman was equally successful as a designer and builder who yielded some of the most noteworthy recreational aircraft in sport aviation.
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The Museum's air racing gallery displays an outstanding collection of classic air racers, including Steve Wittman's personal collection of artifacts and airplanes.

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