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EAA AirVenture Museum Plans Space Exploration Weekend In July

May 31, 2007 - EAA AirVenture Museum will host an event for the whole family July 14-15, Space Exploration Weekend. A variety of fun and educational events will take place throughout both days, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., highlighted by Saturday afternoon’s special presentation by Astronaut and EAA member Jim Voss, who will speak about his experiences traveling and working in space.

Activities throughout the weekend include:

  • “Houston We Have an Omelet” Using a limited supply of materials, visitors will be challenged to design and build a re-entry vehicle to capable of protecting an “eggstronaut” from a giant drop.
  • Hands-on rocket making workshops Visitors will be able to make and fire their very own rocket creations, including air powered “stomp rockets,” and “fizzing rockets” using Diet Coke and Mentos for fuel.
  • Rocketry demonstrations - There will be outdoor rocket firings throughout the day, with various types of rockets being launched outside the museum, including a video-camera carrying rocket.

During the weekend, two new attractions will be unveiled:

  • SkyScape Theater The Museum’s largest movie theater has received a complete facelift with new seats, surround sound, and-best of all-a fantastic new high-definition projection system. The new theater will be used to showcase a wide variety of films on aviation and space topics, provided in part by the CineMuse network of HD content providers for Museums. During Space Exploration Weekend the new SkyScape Theater will be showing a special BBC production in HD called Space-To Boldly Go.
  • The Willan Space Gallery - We’ll also be previewing the Museum’s first ever gallery dedicated entirely to space exploration, prior to its official unveiling during AirVenture 2007. Visitors will be able to try a variety of interactive displays exploring gravity, magnetic fields, rocket power, centrifugal forces, and weightlessness. This gallery has been designed as a complement to EAA’s SpaceShipOne exhibit with the idea of letting kids and families of all ages explore their inner astronaut.

Astronaut EAAer To Appear At Space Exploration Weekend

Highlighting EAA AirVenture Museum’s Space Exploration Weekend July 14-15 will be a special presentation by Astronaut and EAA member Jim Voss (EAA 137893). He’s scheduled to speak on Saturday at 1 p.m. about his experiences traveling and working in space, and as a veteran of five shuttle missions and four EVAs (spacewalks), Voss is uniquely qualified.

Jim Voss reads Sport Aviation during one of his many space missions.

Voss, who is also a homebuilder (Long-EZ), holds several space records, including the longest spacewalk (8 hours and 56 minutes), the shortest (19 minutes), as well as the first spacewalk from the International Space Station. Voss was on board the ISS for 163 days in 2001, and has spent a total of 201 days living and working in space. He participated in several Shuttle missions, including STS-44 (1991); STS-53 (1992); STS-69 (1995); STS-101 (2000); and STS 102 (2001).

Readers will recall in March 2001 prior to the launch of STS 101, Voss was seen on television reading EAA Sport Aviation magazine. Later during that mission, Voss provided EAA with exclusive dispatches from space.

Space Exploration Weekend and Jim Voss’ presentation are included with regular museum admission and are free to EAA members.

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