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Hundreds Attend EAA Skiplane Fly-In At Pioneer Airport

January 29, 2007 - Well over 200 people braved the wintry Wisconsin weather for EAA's Skiplane Fly-In Saturday at Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh. Close to two-dozen airplanes, ranging from Cubs and Cessnas to a Champion and a Kitfox, arrived from throughout the area and from as far away as Michigan and Illinois.

Several wheeled aircraft flew into Wittman Regional Airport and shuttled over to Pioneer from Basler and Orion FBOs.

Only poor weather to the west prevented even more skiplanes from arriving, but not the ground-bound: Cars, trucks and vans filled the ramp in front of Pioneer as well as the Air Academy Lodge lots and others all the way down past Fergus Chapel.

Long, but fast-moving lines formed for piping hot chili and homemade chicken soup in the Pioneer hangar. For dessert, a piece of birthday cake in honor of Audrey Poberezny, who was celebrating another "39th" birthday. "39 and holding," she said.

Pilot, Rick Kluver, longtime EAAer from Belvidere, Illinois, flew in with his Cessna 180 that on warmer days is configured with floats. "If I only land on hard water or soft water, it's a good year," he said before saying farewell and departing for yet another fly-in in the early afternoon.

The mid-winter respite provided hours of hangar flying, as well as a chance for old friends to catch up and new ones to get acquainted. At the end of the day, it was as much about the people as it was about the aircraft…but isn't that the way it's always been with EAA?

Happy Birthday, Audrey!
Photo by Jim Koepnick

Directing traffic at Pioneer.
Photo by Jim Koepnick

Delicious chili made it well worth
waiting in line. Photo by Phil Weston

Rick Kluver readies to depart in his Cessna 180. Photo by Phil Weston

A Super Cub on final.
Photo by Bonnie Kratz

With the PHP Center in the background,
this Aeronca Sedan prepares to touch
down at Pioneer. Photo by Bonnie Kratz

A Super Cuby ready for take-off.
Photo by Bonnie Kratz

Overview of the skiplanes parked at Pioneer Airport. Photo by Bonnie Kratz

The orange-vested Pioneer Airport volunteer crew trudges across the tundra. Photo by Bonnie Kratz

Visitors view the skiplanes parked
at Pioneer. Photo by Phil Weston

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