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EAA Ultralight Day Visits Pioneer Airport

June 20, 2005 -  Beautiful weather on Saturday, June 18, brought in more than 35 ultralights ranging from powered parachutes and trikes, to two-place ultralight trainers and light-sport aircraft. EAA's annual Ultralight Day drew members from Wisconsin several EAA ultralight chapters including Milwaukee Chapter 1, Wausau Chapter 75, Neenah Chapter 41, and Wautoma Chapter 121.

Twenty competitors participated in the afternoon torpedo run, message drop and spot landing competitions. First place winners included:

  • Torpedo Run: John Heller, Sr., Chapter 1, in a Challenger
  • Message Drop: Paul Buss, Chapter 75, in a Sky Raider
  • Spot Landing: Russ Post, Chapter 75, in a GT 400

Chapter 75 took home the Flight Log, a trophy for the chapter boasting the most winners in all events, for the fifth year in a row.

In addition to the flying events, pilots and attendees took part in a sport pilot briefing for information on the exciting, new rule that lowers cost and training barriers for more people than ever before.

"It was an excellent event with great participation," said Timm Bogenhagen, EAA Ultralight Program Manager and Ultralight Day participant. "Everyone had a lot of fun."

EAA Ultralight Day is held annually on Father's Day weekend at Pioneer Airport. Competitions and flight operations are organized and run by the participating chapters.
For more information on EAA's ultralight division or find a local chapter, visit

EAA’s 1927 Swallow takes off over the rows of ultralights.

EAA ultralight chapter members watch the arrival of fellow Ultralight Day participants.

Getting the ultralight ready for friendly competition.

A variety of ultralights, including powered parachutes, trikes, and gliders joined several light-sport aircraft at EAA’s annual Ultralight Day.

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