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EAA Young Eagles Glastar Gets Extreme Makeover Courtesy Of Glasair Aviation

April 14, 2005 - An airplane that has provided more than 3,000 young people with flight experiences through the EAA Young Eagles program is ready to head back to the sky today thanks to the generosity of Glasair Aviation of Arlington, Washington. The EAA Young Eagles GlaStar (N232YE) was officially returned to EAA president Tom Poberezny today (Thursday) by Mikael Via, president and Chief Operating Officer of Glasair Aviation LLC, GlaStar manufacturer, during an unveiling at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Florida. During a special ceremony, Poberezny received the refurbished and highly upgraded airplane, which will be flown back to Oshkosh.

With 3,000 Young Eagles to its credit, EAA's good-as-new GlaStar is ready to fly more kids.

"EAA is overwhelmed and very grateful to Glasair Aviation for the initiative they took to make their wonderful airplane even better," Poberezny said. "It showed the dedication of Glasair Aviation to the Young Eagles program, which in turn will help introduce flight to the next generation of pilots, including, undoubtedly, future Glasair and GlaStar owners."

The kit for Young Eagles GlaStar N232YE was donated by EAA supporter James Ray and completed in 1997 by the staff and volunteers at EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, Wis. It was the second GlaStar built at EAA to support Young Eagle flights. In 1995, Stoddard-Hamilton donated a tricycle version of the GlaStar, N231YE, to assist the EAA Young Eagles Program. The airplanes were primarily based and operated at the EAA AirVenture Museum's Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh.

Following the 2004 flying season, EAA delivered N232YE to the Glasair Aviation factory in Arlington, Wash., for routine maintenance work. Glasair Aviation quickly completed the prescribed maintenance work; however, focus was expanded other areas of the airplane.

"As I walked around the GlaStar sitting in our hangar, I thought about the number of Young Eagles introduced to aviation in this aircraft," Via said. "Because this GlaStar is truly an ambassador for general aviation, EAA and our company, we took time to upgrade the airplane's appearance and interior and make it the best we could. We are very proud to provide this contribution to EAA's Young Eagles program and to the future of flight."

Some of the upgrades include new main gear legs and fairings; new fuel system; new windows; and a refurbished interior and complete exterior paint scheme. The work represents a donation to the EAA Young Eagles program in excess of $35,000.

EAA President Tom Poberezny. left, receives the keys to the newly refurbished Young Eagles GlaStar from Glasair President Mikael Via at Sun 'n Fun Thursday, April 14.

"We sincerely thank Glasair Aviation owner Tom Wathen, Mikael and the team at the factory for their efforts to refurbish this airplane," Poberezny said. "We are proud of the support our EAA members provide to the Young Eagles program and the support we enjoy from industry leaders such as Glasair Aviation. Together we are building the future of general aviation."

GlaStar N232YE will join its sister ship N231YE, and an RV-6A (N7YE) in flying Young Eagles at Pioneer Airport and providing support for this summer's EAA Air Academy camps. In addition, the GlaStar will make several stops at selected EAA Young Eagle events.

For more information about Young Eagles, explore the www.youngeagles.org website or call 877-806-8902. The EAA Young Eagles program is made possible through the participation of more than 80,000 pilot and ground volunteers, and also through the support of Jaguar Cars.

EAA, The Leader in Recreational Aviation, is an international association with 170,000 members and 1,000 local Chapters. For more information on EAA and its programs, visit www.eaa.org or call 1-800-JOIN-EAA (1-800-564-6322).

Glasair Aviation, a leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality composite and metal aircraft, has enjoyed tremendous success with the GlaStar design and its successor, the Sportsman 2+2. Their revolutionary Customer Assembly Center is assisting in the completion of Sportsman aircraft within a 3-month period. For further information on Glasair, GlaStar and Sportsman 2 + 2 designs, visit www.glasairaviation.com or phone 360.435.8533, ext. 3.

The following is the complete list of 31 improvements and repairs made to the
EAA Young Eagles Glastar by Glasair Aviation LLC:
Remove and replace the main landing gear legs.
Fabricate and install Fiberglass main gear leg fairings.
Remove and replace all windows.
Remove and replace door seals.
Improve the fit and finish of cabin doors.
Fabricate and install improved door latch mechanisms.
Remove and replace all interior components including headliner, seats and carpeting.
Repaint safety cage and associated components.
Install wing-folding components and options to allow use of folding wings.
Remove and replace wing root fiberglass laminates for better seal.
Install proper cabin air vents and ducts.
Remove and replace seat assemblies with new high-back seats for better comfort and support.
Refurbish all interior components.
Remove fuselage fuel system and lines and replace with new header-tanks, fuel-valve and standard configuration components.
Install overhead panel for headphone jacks and headphone hangar brackets.
Remove all aircraft paint and striping; sand and bodywork fuselage for smooth finish.
Repaint entire aircraft with three-color paint scheme and clear coat finish.
Repair cowling damage.
Install new Cam-loc fasteners in cowl.
Remove and re-install landing light lens with proper adhesive.
Reseal fuel filler necks on fuel tanks.
Remove existing fuel caps and replace with new flush-style caps.
Install interior aluminum cable guard on vertical trusses.
Replace old fuel flex line hoses at wing pivots.
Sand and paint floorboards to match safety cage.
Remove and replace rudder pedals and add non-skid pads.
Remove and replace pitot tube plastic line on left wing.
Fabricate and install Vortex generators on wings.
Remove and replace brakes.
Remove and replace tires.
Replace worn hardware with new, as needed.
The total cost of parts and labor represents a donation of $35,000 to the EAA Young Eagles program.

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