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Let No Story Go Untold

Timeless Voices ready for Takeoff

February 7, 2003 - It’s full steam ahead for the EAA AirVenture Museum’s Timeless Voices of Aviation program. First announced at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2002, Timeless Voices is capturing on videotape the personal recollections of the thousands of individuals who have contributed aviation’s development over its first 100 years.

Every event, every airplane and every airport has important human stories attached to it. EAA’s goal is to preserve as many of these stories as possible, be they individual aviation stories about serving a local airport, starting a flying club, building an airplane, or serving one’s nation in war or peace. They all create the countless threads that, when woven together, create the priceless tapestry of human flight.

The target is 1,000 interviews by EAA AirVenture 2003, and to achieve this goal, EAA seeks members who will volunteer their time to help capture the community’s vital aviation history before it’s lost. These interviews will create a video repository of stories told by those who experienced aviation’s development, preserving them for future generations of family members, teachers, students, historians and others.

Goals of Timeless Voices of Aviation
To collect thousands of first person video oral history recordings from individuals who have impacted aviation’s development.
To document and preserve these recordings for future generations of family members, teachers, students, historians and others.
To make the recordings accessible through an on-line video history archive, and initiatives such as Museum displays and TV productions. 
To engage thousands of volunteers in the rewarding process of gathering video oral history recordings.

“Personal, oral history augments our known history,” said EAA AirVenture Museum Director Adam Smith. “By actually talking with individuals, you can get to an unprecedented level of detail, capturing the human engagement and emotion not found in broader historical accounts. With Timeless Voices, we’re trying to make it possible for that kind of history to be preserved for the future.” Smith related the Timeless Voices project to the HBO series, Band of Brothers, which broadened our knowledge of World War II through the personal accounts from the members of the Easy Company.

“What you get is a truly rounded piece of history,” Smith said. 

Volunteerism will be key in Timeless Voices’ success. EAA seeks those who have stories to tell, those who are willing to capture these stories in videotaped interviews, and others to help transcribe interviews to the written page. Those interested in taking part in this important effort should visit www.timelessvoices.org or contact the Timeless Voices staff at timelessvoices@eaa.org.

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