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Teamwork in Aerospace- (3rd - 12th graders):

Min. / Max. Size of Group Required: 20/40 students
Amount of Time Required: 1 Hour
$3.50 additional per student

NASA Glenn Research Center requires a new paper glider aircraft for its Visitor Center student outreach activities. The aircraft is to be hand launched with no other external or internal power source, and the aircraft is to be built for distance (not time aloft or speed). Students will work in “companies” of three students to create and launch their glider in hopes of winning the award with a contract through NASA.

Students will…

    • C.4.2 Use the science content being learned to ask questions, make observations, make predictions, and offer explanations

    • C.4.7 Support their conclusions with logical arguments

    • C.4.8 Ask additional questions that might help focus or further an investigation

    • D.4.6 Observe and describe physical events in objects at rest or in motion

    • D.4.7 Observe and describe physical events involving objects and describing changes in their properties including: position relative to another object, motion over time, and position due to forces


    • C.8.4 Predict possible outcomes of a newly designed technological system.

    • D.8.5 While conducting investigations, explain the motion of objects by describing the forces acting on them.

    • D.8.6 While conducting investigations, explain motion of objects.


    • D.12.7 Analyze changes in the motion of objects and the forces that act on them

    • D.12.8 Understand the forces of gravitation

    • C.12.9 Apply basic engineering concepts in the design and creation of solutions to various problems or opportunities

    • C.12.10 Evaluate a technological solution and make necessary improvement if needed

    • C.12.11 Select and apply appropriate processes to alter the characteristics of material to make it useful in different situations

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