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Paper Pilots- Basic Concepts of Flight Add-On Program (1st - 8th)
Min./ Max. Size of Group Required: 20/40 students
Amount of Time Required: 1 Hour
$3.50 additional per student

How does an airplane stay in the air? In this hands-on lesson students learn about the four forces of flight, the three axes of an airplane and the parts of an airplane.

Students will…

    • B.4.2 Identify the parts of a system and explain how the parts working together allow the system to do things the individual parts are unable to do alone

    • B.4.3 Describe various reasons systems may fail

    • B.4.6 Follow a set of instructions to produce a product using appropriate tools and materials

    • C.4.2 Use the science content being learned to ask questions, make observations, make predictions, and offer explanations

    • C.4.7 Support their conclusions with logical arguments

    • C.4.8 Ask additional questions that might help focus or further an investigation

    • D.4.6 Observe and describe physical events in objects at rest or in motion

    • D.4.7 Observe and describe physical events involving objects and describing changes in their properties including: position relative to another object, motion over time, and position due to forces


    • B.8.2 Analyze a system and identify the way in which it is controlled to produce a desired outcome.

    • B.8.3 Identify potential sources of failure in a system.

    • C.8.4 Predict possible outcomes of a newly designed technological system.

    • D.8.5 While conducting investigations, explain the motion of objects by describing the forces acting on them.

    • D.8.6 While conducting investigations, explain motion of objects.


    • D.12.7 Analyze changes in the motion of objects and the forces that act on them

    • D.12.8 Understand the forces of gravitation

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