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Ground School / Formation Flight – (4th – 12th)
Min./ Max. Size of Group Required:
10/16 participants, 1:1 student/computer ratio
17/34 participants, 2:1 student/computer ratio
Amount of Time Required: 45 min - 1 hour depending on group size
$5.00 per student plus Museum admission

Ground School/Formation Flight is a very flexible program designed to meet the needs of large groups. Based around your student’s aviation background you can choose which level of Formation Flight would best meet your student’s needs. Flight time last approximately 45-60 minutes.

Students will…

    • B.4.6 Follow a set of instructions to produce a product using appropriate tools and materials

    • D.4.6 Observe and describe physical events in objects at rest or in motion

    • D.4.7 Observe and describe physical events involving objects and develop record keeping systems to follow these events by measuring and describing changes in their motion over time, position relative to another object, and position due to forces.


    • D.8.5 While conducting investigations, explain the motion of objects by describing the forces acting on them

    • D.8.6 Explain the motion of objects and apply these concepts to real-life situations outside the classroom

Accredited by the American Association of Museums
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