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Donating items to our collection

This section contains general information about donating items to the EAA AirVenture Museum. We also keep a list of some specific needs, which you can view in our Items Wanted section.

Donating an airplane to our collection
We follow a set procedure to assess airplanes that are offered as donations to our collection:

  • First of all, bear in mind that we already have a large collection of airplanes, and storage space is at a premium. At the present time we are only able to accept airplanes that would clearly enhance the overall quality of our collection.
  • If you want to go ahead and offer the aircraft, we ask you to fill out a Prospective Aircraft Donation Form, which is designed to gather the information we need to make a decision. A link to the form can be found under Resources at the bottom of this page. Completed forms and photographs should be mailed to Museum Registrar, EAA AirVenture Museum, PO Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903.
  • The Museum & Aircraft Operations Committee meets 3-4 times per year to make decisions about airplanes offered as donations. Quicker decisions can be taken if required.
  • The Committee’s decision will be based upon a number of factors, which include the historical value of the aircraft, its “fit” with our collecting policy and priorities, its condition, its potential for display in the Museum and any restrictions that may be attached to the donation.
  • Please note that, in the best long-term interests of the Museum, we rarely accept donations with restrictive conditions attached – things like “must always be on display” or “must be kept in flying condition”.

Donating other aviation artifacts
In addition to aircraft, we keep a substantial collection of smaller aviation artifacts in the following categories: Aircraft Parts; Artwork; Clothing; Equipment; Memorabilia; Models; Photography; Propulsion; Weapons; Vehicles; Insignia; Instruments. If you have an item you think we may want for our collection, please contact Curator of Collections
Ron Twellman.

Donating books, photographs and archival materials
If you are interested in donating items to our Library or Archives, please contact Library and Archives Manager
Susan Lurvey.


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