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Ed MacDonough, founder of Questair, Inc., and Jim Griswold designed and built the Venture 200, which was introduced to the public at the fly-in in Oshkosh in 1987. The basic purpose of the Venture was to provide fast, comfortable personal transportation for two people

The ultimate goal for the Venture was to create an airplane with the largest feasible cockpit in the smallest possible fuselage with the largest possible engine. The aspect ratio was 10.5, about 1.5 times the typical ratio used in most airplanes. The higher aspect ratio allowed for a larger rate of climb and a faster cruising speed when compared to a typical airplane using the same amount of power.

The Venture was a low-wing, two-place aircraft that featured a retractable tricycle landing gear. Though the frame appeared to be made of composites, it was actually all metal with stretch formed aluminum skins for all external surfaces. The Venture was powered by a 350 hp PMA-550-TTV engine built by Henry Bouley and his Precision Made Airparts Company.

The Venture set twelve FAI Class C.1b records including a world record of 401.79 mph from Chicago to Boston on January 26, 1993. As if the Venture needed to further prove its design efficiency, the airplane also won the Sun 60 and the Triaviathon.

Following the precept that form follows function, the Venture’s egg shape is a most desirable shape when the goal is top performance with excellent handling qualities. Questair manufactured the Venture in kit form and pilots attested that it was one of the most stable airplanes on the market at its peak.

Robert McLallen donated the second prototype Venture to the EAA AirVenture Museum in 1993.

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