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Nat Puffer was first hooked on the Rutan design when an article appeared in Popular Science on the Rutan VariEze. After building his own VariEze, Nat heard of another VariEze kit for sale at a bargain price. Nat immediately bought the kit and hatched the idea of a side-by-side Long-EZ. Though Nat was enthusiastic about modifications, Burt was wary of people modifying his designs.

Building the Cozy involved a major redesign that involved widening the fuselage to measure 38 inches at the shoulders. The wider fuselage required extra reinforcement, which was accomplished in part by adding a keel inside the entire length of the fuselage. In addition to providing extra stiffness, the keel also housed a duct for cabin heat and provided a raceway for wiring and control cables.

All engine and flight controls were mounted in the center console and dual side sticks, rudder pedals, and brakes were installed to enable complete control of the airplane from either side without having to reach across the other person. The Cozy was powered by a 118 hp 0-235 L2C Lycoming engine.

Nat did not originally intend to produce plans for the Cozy, but after the Cozy’s debut at Oshkosh in 1982, many people were requesting information and photographs. Nat and his wife Shirley went to work developing plans and an information kit and answering individual letters, creating the Co-Z Development Corporation and embarking on a second career.

In 1994, Nat donated his prototype Cozy to the EAA AirVenture Museum.

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