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The Great Depression hit the aircraft industry in the US hard and the Cessna Aircraft Co was no exception. No one had money to buy airplanes nor was there any investment money available to keep aircraft companies afloat. Clyde Cessna did his best to keep the company doors open and convince his directors that there was still a market for airplanes. His son Eldon was the one who came up with the idea to build gliders.

The Cessna CG-2 glider was an effort by Cessna to keep people interested in buying airplanes, of any kind. Some accounts state that at least 300 of these primitive, single-place gliders were produced. Cessna records seem not to support that claim. At any rate, there are very few CG-2 gliders still in existence today.

The aircraft sold for $398, crated and ready for shipment. Also included were an assembly and instruction manual, shock cord and rings for launching, a seat belt, automatic release for hand launching and a release for use in cutting loose from a tow aircraft. People wanted to fly and this simple glider was a stopgap until a “real” airplane could be obtained. The CG-2 was a do-it-yourself project and easily assembled. Once built, it could be hand-launched using the bungee cord method, auto-towed or aircraft-towed.

The Cessna CG-2 glider was donated to the EAA AirVenture Museum by Leland Hanselman and C. VanAirsdale .

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