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Waco Bibliography


Most of the following books are out of print, but may be available through aviation libraries and bookstores specializing in vintage aircraft.

  • Balmer, Joseph, and Davis, Ken, There Goes a WACO, Little Otter Productions, 1992
  • Balmer, Joseph, and Davis, Ken, Mrs. WACO – The Early Days of the WACO Aircraft Company as told by one who lived it! Mattie Meyers Weaver Junkin, Little Otter Productions, 1996
  • Brandley, Raymond H., The Authentic History of Waco Airplanes, ISBN 0-9602734-2-9, 1979
  • Brandley, Raymond H., The Versatile Cabin Series, ISBN 0-9602734-2-5, 1981
  • Juptner, Joseph, U.S. Civil Aircraft, Volume 7 (pages 97-100 describe the YKS-7 model), Aero Publishers, Inc.
  • Kobernuss, Fred O., Waco – Symbol of Courage and Excellence, Volume 1, Terre Haute, Indiana, Sunshine House, Inc., ISBN 0-943691-07-9, 1992
  • Kobernuss, Fred O., Waco – Symbol of Courage and Excellence, Volume 2, Destin, Florida, Mystic Bay Publishers, ISBN 1-887961-01-1, 1999
  • Simpson and Trask, Waco – Images of Aviation


The following websites relate to Waco aircraft:

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