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Waco History Quiz

  1. Is there a connection between the Waco Aircraft Company and Waco, Texas?
  2. What common ice cream treat almost replaced production of Waco aircraft?
  3. What coincidental similarities did the personal lives of Buck Weaver and Sam Junkin share?

(see answers below)

Waco History Quiz Answers

  1. Although the Weaver Aircraft Company and follow-on companies that produced Waco aircraft were always located in Ohio, there is a tenuous connection to Waco, Texas (note that Waco, Texas is pronounced WAY-ko, while Waco aircraft are pronounced WAH-ko). From late 1917 through 1918, 23 year-old Chicagoan George “Buck” Weaver, served as a civilian flight instructor for the Army Air Service. He taught advanced flying and aerobatics to military cadets based at Rich Field in Waco, Texas. Released at the end of WW I, Weaver sought to make a living in aviation by barnstorming and opening a civilian flight school. When he collaborated on a business to build airplanes, the name “Weaver Aircraft Company” was selected in part because its acronym, WACO, was reminiscent of his prior flying success in the Texas town of Waco. Weaver died in 1924 and the company was reorganized and renamed. But the products of the later companies continued to use the Waco trade name.
  2. Buck Weaver’s younger brother, Herb, invented the Eskimo Pie ice cream treat. In the early 20’s, Eskimo Pies sold much better than Wacos and the Waco principals sold ice cream, along with other items, to raise money. Despite lack of airplane sales, they returned to the aviation business, however.
  3. Buck Weaver and Sam Junkin each had the same wife, Hattie Meyers Weaver Junkin, later known as “Mrs. Waco.” Each marriage produced one child. Weaver and Junkin both died of natural causes at the age of 29, never seeing the full success of the aircraft company they started.
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