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The EAA Acro Sport, designed by Paul Poberezny, was built by EAA Aviation Museum personnel as an educational venture and the plans were specifically designed to be used in classroom projects. The plans are much more detailed and illustrated than most and are aimed at the shop instructor who has no pervious aircraft experience.

In addition to educational purposes, the P-8 was designed to retain the nostalgia of flying and to provide inspiration and reminiscence of those pioneers who offered so much to make aviation what it is today.

The Acro Sport is a single place biplane of conventional homebuilt-type construction. It has a tube and fabric fuselage with all wood wings. It is slightly larger than most of the popular small biplanes and has a cockpit that is sufficiently large. The straight wings incorporate an M-6 airfoil, have four ailerons, and are laced together by doubled flying and landing wires all around. The Acro Sport prototype is powered by a Lycoming 0-360-A1G of 180 hp and is fitted with a 76” x 56” Sensenich metal propeller. The first Acro Sport was completed and test flown on January 11, 1972.

After a couple relatively inactive years of EAA’s own P-8, Paul and Aloha Chapter Member Sam Burgess decided to send the airplane on a summer tour to visit the existing chapters. Sam flew the plane throughout the summer of 1974 on a route that zigzagged across the country, returning in time for the convention in Oshkosh. The tour took Sam and the Acro Sport to all 48 continental United States, visiting 126 chapters. The P-8 flew 135 hours, was on television 45 times, and had 60 newspaper interviews and 25 radio tapes. With this sort of coverage arranged by the chapters, the tour accomplished its goal of promoting aviation education, sport flying, EAA, and IAC.

Overall, the EAA Acro Sport is a well designed, structurally sound, pleasing in appearance, gentle to fly, outstanding aerobatic aircraft. EAA’s P-8 is on display in the AirVenture Museum.

EAA Acro Sport P-8 eaa_acro

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