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The Sea Hawk was designed and built as a new generation amphibian that utilized the large strides made in composite technology, combined with the safety of a stall-resistant design. The design was configured to be a stable, forgiving, rugged, and easy to fly cross-country recreational aircraft. In order to produce the Sea Hawk as a kit, the Aero Gare Company had to set up their own production facility to produce the pre-molded components included in the kit.

On July 19, 1983 the first kit-built Sea Hawk made its maiden flight. In the following year, the airplane accumulated over 170 hours used for testing various propellers, landing gear, spray rails, and sponson configurations. These tests resulted in many changes and fine tuning of the design. Some of the unique features that came out of the year of testing were a dual main gear and fixed water rudder.

The Sea Hawk was powered by a 150 hp Lycoming O-320 engine and had two 35 gallon fuel tanks. With a useable load of approximately 750 pounds, the Sea Hawk could take two people, 100 pounds of gear, and enough fuel for over 1,000 miles. Most homebuilt aircraft at the time required constant attention and correction when flying cross-country. The Sea Hawk incorporated a five degree dihedral in each wing so the airplane would be stable enough to be flown hands off while looking at maps or ground locations.

The Sea Hawk was very stable; the airplane could fly in light turbulence without the pilot having to touch the controls. At pattern speeds the controls were light and responsive, though at higher speeds the controls would stiffen up because of the air loads. The visibility from the cockpit was excellent since the wings were far enough behind the pilot to be out of the normal line of sight but could still be used as a reference for turns.

After all the testing was complete, Garry LeGare, President of the Aero Gare Company and designer of the Sea Hawk, donated the Sea Hawk to EAA in 1986.

Aero Gare Sea Hawk Aero Gare Sea Hawk

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