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North American B-25H Specifications

(as delivered in 1943)


51 ft. 4 in.


15 ft. 9 in.


67 ft. 7 in.

Wing Area

610 sq. ft.

Empty Weight

19,600 lbs.

Maximum Weight

35,000 lbs.

Normal Fuel Capacity

974 gal.

Maximum Speed

275 mph at 13,000 ft.

Climb Rate

967 fpm.

Service Ceiling

23,800 ft.


1,350 with 3,000 lbs. Bombs


Two Wright R-2600-13 Cyclone 14 radial engines (14-cylinder, twin-row, air-cooled, turbosupercharged) rated at 1,700 hp at 2,500 rpm at sea level.


One 75 mm cannon in nose, four .50 cal. guns in nose, four .50 cal. blister guns on forward fuselage, two .50 cal. guns in top turret, two .50 cal. guns at waist stations, and two .50 cal. guns in tail turret.


Pilot, navigator/cannoneer, engineer/gunner, radio operator/gunner, and tail gunner

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