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Easily identified by early EAA members of the 1950s and 1060s, the Myers Special performed at EAA Conventions for many years in the very capable hands of its creator and builder, Howard “Pete” Myers. The Myers Special was a small, red, and white aerobatic airplane that was reminiscent of an abbreviated Clipped Wing Cub.

Operating from Howell Airport in suburban Chicago, Pete soon sharpened his aerobatic skills in the Special and his services became known to the airshow world. By 1957, the need for more performance was evident, so the airplane was torn down for a rebuild. A nine inch section was removed from the nose and three feet from the fuselage tail section. In addition, a 125 hp O-290 Lycoming engine was installed. The rudder was improved with a larger, squared off balance on the top and the elevators were changed to a balanced configuration.

The resulting aircraft became well known in the Midwest as Pete flew many airshow performances, especially at EAA gatherings. His aerobatic routine was impressively done and the little Special would perform with the best.

In an effort to increase the roll rate of the airplane and to improve the inverted flight capabilities, Pete built up a set of Taylorcraft wings for the Special and installed a 150 hp O-320 Lycoming engine. These two modifications really helped its performance capability.

By the 1970s, Pete was busy with his newly constructed Cassutt Racer and decided to donate the Special to EAA in December of 1974. Placed in aircraft storage at Hales Corners, the Special waited patiently for its turn at being rebuilt for display. After making the journey to Oshkosh during the 1983 museum relocation, the Special was stored until 1989, when the aircraft was restored.

Myers PM-1 Special Myers PM-1 Special

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