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The MiG-15bis was designed by Mikoyan-Gurevich engineers as a tactical fighter that was intended for combat operation in VFR and IFR day and night weather conditions. The new aircraft was built by several aircraft plants simultaneously in larger quantities and was referred to as an “aircraft-soldier” because it was reliable in combat and easy to maintain and operate.

With a limited external bomb load and a powerful armament, the Mig-15bis could be used as an attack aircraft or a fighter-bomber. The air-brake panels enabled the Mig-15bis to execute light dive-bombing missions and the large eternal fuel tanks enabled it to perform escort missions. The airplane could also be equipped with photographic equipment, allowing the Mig-15bis to fly reconnaissance missions.

The MiG-15 was constructed as an all-metal, mid-wing cantilever monoplane. The landing gear was conventional with the main gear struts retracting into wing bays and the nose strut into the fuselage. The cockpit of the MiG-15 was equipped with an ejection seat that had a ribbon-type parachute. The airplane was powered by a single Klimov VK-1 turbojet engine, which was mounted in the rear fuselage behind the wing.

The MiG-15bis was armed with one 37mm N-37 gun with 40 rounds on the starboard side and two 23mm NR-23 guns with 80 rounds each on the port side. The firing buttons for all three guns were on the upper part of the stick. The airplane was also equipped with an ASP-3N automatic gun sight. An S-13 gun camera, intended to record the results of firing and bombing, was mounted in the forward fuselage. In addition, the MiG-15 was capable of carrying two 110-pound bombs or one 220-pound bomb.

The Combat Jets Flying Museum acquired a MiG-15bis from China that was painted in a Chinese squadron paint scheme from the Korean War. In 1992, the Combat Jets Flying Museum donated the airworthy MiG-15bis to the EAA AirVenture Museum as part of a collection of historic jets.

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