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The Quicksilver was designed by engineers at Eipper-Formance, Inc. in 1972. The design became a classic ultralight design shortly after its appearance on the market, and remained popular for quite some time.

The Quicksilver was designed so that it could be constructed without welding or other complex techniques. The airframe was built of tubular aluminum and the pieces were joined by Eipper designed fittings, nuts, and bolts. The wings and tail structure were wire-braced in order to reduce weight and ensure strength, rigidity, and positive handling characteristics. The Quicksilver was powered by a 12 hp Chrysler 82026 engine.

The Quicksilver could be folded into a neat little package and transported on the top of a car or on a trailer. When arriving at its destination, the aircraft took just 30 minutes to assemble. Take off distance was less than 75 feet and the ultralight had excellent low-speed handling characteristics once airborne. Stalls were straightforward and overall the ultralight had a generally forgiving nature. When landing, approach speed was just over 20 mph and, with a light headwind, the plane would touch down slightly faster than walking speed.

The Quicksilver could be purchased straight from the factory or in kit form. The kit required between 20 and 25 hours of building time because the components came completely manufactured by Eipper.

Since the Quicksilver’s debut, thousands of the design have been built.

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