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de Havilland D.H.98 Mosquito B.35 (TT.35) RS712 Specifications


Airspeed Ltd., Christchurch Aerodrome, Bournemouth Hampshire


Two Rolls Royce Merlin 114A V-12 piston engines

Fuel Total

539 (Imperial) gal.

Oil Total

31 gal.

Fuel Capacity (with drop tanks)

597 gal.


54 ft. 2 in.


40 ft. 6 in.*


12 ft. 6 in.

Wing Area

435 sq. ft.

Aspect Ratio



1 34 ft.

Span Loading

7.5 lbs./sq. ft.

Wing Loading

48 lbs./sq. ft.

Undercarriage Track

16 ft. 4 in.

Tare Weight

14,635 lbs.

All-up Weight

23,000 lbs.

Loaded Weight

25,200 lbs. (when carrying 4,000 lb. bomb and two drop tanks)

Landing Weight

20,500 lbs.

Maximum Internal Bomb Load

4,000 lbs.

Underwing Load

1x500 lb. bomb or a 50, 100, or 200 gal. drop tank under each wing

Maximum Speed

415 mph

Maximum Speed Sea Level

326 mph

Maximum Cruising Speed

375 mph TAS at 37,000 ft. (continuous)

Recommended Cruise Speed

300 mph TAS at 25,000 ft.

Dive Speed

400 mph IAS

Initial Rate of Climb

2,500 ft./min. (at sea level, full climb power)

Maximum Range

1,955 miles

Operational Celing

37,000 ft.


1 pilot, 1 navigator

*Overall length increased to 41 ft. 6 in. when converted to TT.35 and fitted with longer spinners

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