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A two-seat, open cockpit, parasol-wing, monoplane

Out of production by 1937.

Fuselage – Welded steel tubing, 1025 S.A.E. except stressed members which are chrome-moly

Engine mount – Welded steel tubing, 1025 S.A.E., four-bolt attachment

Firewall – Aluminum

Wings – Taper in chord and thickness, Göttingen 387 airfoil at center, Clark Y at root and tip. Laminated & routed spruce spars, Dural ribs & leading edge, Hartshorn square rod drag bracing. Ailerons are also tapered & hinge to the auxiliary spar. Center section on streamlined steel struts cross-braced by streamline tubing and wires. Outer wings on vee-shaped stuts of round tubing faired with wood to streamlined shape.

Tail – Steel tubing with sheet steel ribs.

Covering – Grade “A” cotton, metal double-primed and taped, finished with two brush coats and three spray coats of pigmented dope cover by two spray coats of lacquer.

Landing gear – Split-axle type of chrome-moly steel faired to streamline shape, wire wheels with aluminum covers, bungee cord shock absorbers, leaf spring tail skid with detachable shoe (original).

Controls – Dual stick & rudder pedals (detachable in front), tube-operated ailerons and elevators, cable-operated rudder, horizontal stabilizer can be adjusted +4 and –3 degrees using lever and ratchet.

Cockpits – Tandem with seats for seat-type parachutes.

Accessories – Fire extinguisher and first aid kit (rear cockpit), tools, navigation light wiring

Instruments – Indirectly lighted panel with altimeter, tachometer, oil pressure and oil temperature.

Optional equipment – Navigation lights, battery, compass, airspeed, Edo floats, skis.

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